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Survey Exchange with Answeo

We’ve already written about some of the classic functions our survey panel has to offer – earning money on surveys and carrying out your own survey research. The time has come to introduce a third option, representing a perfect combination of the two. What makes Answeo stand out from other research panels is the survey

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Carrying out Research in Answeo

Answeo is a modern CAWI panel, perfect for anyone who wants to carry out their own survey research. The numerous functionalities and features created specifically with the needs of different types of researchers in mind make it an attractive solution for everyone – from large research companies to individual researchers and university students. Thanks to

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Earn money with answeo

Earning Money with Answeo

Hello! Today we’d like to present to you the first of the three main functionalities that answeo has to offer – the ability to earn money by responding to surveys. With answeo all you need to make some extra cash is an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. What makes our paid

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Welcome to the Official answeo Blog!

Hello and welcome to the official answeo blog. We are pleased to announce that we have just launched answeo – a new and modern survey research platform. Answeo allows its users to earn money by responding to surveys, gather responses on a tight budget through survey exchange, or carry out their own research with minimal

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