We’ve already written about some of the classic functions our survey panel has to offer – earning money on surveys and carrying out your own survey research. The time has come to introduce a third option, representing a perfect combination of the two. What makes Answeo stand out from other research panels is the survey exchange option, created especially with university students in mind. Survey exchange is an excellent alternative to traditional response collection for final paper and dissertation surveys – with us you will collect responses quickly and effortlessly, without sending thousands of emails to friends, running around with printouts and posting response requests on Facebook. Best of all, you won’t have to spend a single cent to do it – our mission is to enable anyone to carry out their own research!

Financing Your Research

There are two ways in which you can finance your own research. The first is the same as in the case of regular survey research – you simply need to recharge your account with the appropriate amount. In Answeo the recharge amounts start at $10. The second route is using credits collected beforehand through survey response. It is this choice that makes our platform such a great solution for university students with tight budgets – not only do you not need to spend money to collect responses, with us you have the opportunity to earn some additional credits as well!

A Student-Friendly Choice

Response collection without additional costs is not the only benefits of participating in survey exchange in Answeo. Both the implementation and financing of survey research on our platform is quick and effortless thanks to a modern design and intuitive interface. In Answeo:

  • Our market-inspired compensation mechanism ensures the fairness of response pay rates
  • By inviting a new person to respond to a survey, you have the chance to increase your earnings via friend bonuses
  • You can add surveys regardless of where you created them, thanks to Answeo’s full integration with various survey platforms (e.g. ProfiTest, Google Forms, etc.)
  • You can complete your research in as little as a day – Answeo already has over 10 000 respondents
  • Any surplus of credits remaining after you complete your research can be paid out in cash

How to Get Started

In order to begin exchanging surveys you simply need to create a private Answeo account and activate the researcher area. This will enable you to both respond to surveys suggested by the system (earning credits) and to add your own survey using the credits you gathered. If you want to learn even more about survey exchange in Answeo, visit our website or FAQ. You can also take a look at our previous articles, where we explain how you can earn money and carry out survey research in Answeo.

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See you at Answeo!