Managing Surveys in Answeo

It’s much harder to work in a mess – piles of paper towering over us on the desk can significantly slow us down. The same goes for “virtual” messes. That’s why in Answeo all your surveys are automatically organised by category and you always have the ability to manage them according to your needs. This

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Adding a Confirmation Link

Adding a confirmation link is a crucial step on the path to publishing your own survey in Answeo As we have said before in our previous articles, confirmation links are necessary for the respondents of your questionnaire so that they can confirm participation in your survey and collect their payment. By publishing a survey with

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In Answeo we want everything to be clear and transparent, therefore we heve simplified our commission system. Starting September 30th the survey response fee is no longer collected. The only remaining commission is the one from a refill payment and it is 25% of a recharge amount. If you want to always stay up to

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Earn money with answeo

Earning Money with Answeo

Hello! Today we’d like to present to you the first of the three main functionalities that answeo has to offer – the ability to earn money by responding to surveys. With answeo all you need to make some extra cash is an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. What makes our paid

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Welcome to the Official answeo Blog!

Hello and welcome to the official answeo blog. We are pleased to announce that we have just launched answeo – a new and modern survey research platform. Answeo allows its users to earn money by responding to surveys, gather responses on a tight budget through survey exchange, or carry out their own research with minimal

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