Hello! Today we’d like to present to you the first of the three main functionalities that answeo has to offer – the ability to earn money by responding to surveys. With answeo all you need to make some extra cash is an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

What makes our paid survey platform unique? Creating a respondent account with out is quick and easy – we don’t require you to fill in pages of detailed information and we send you an activation link immediately upon signing up. Answeo is also a highly efficient, modern, and user-friendly interface which will allow you to browse through and respond to surveys with ease. 

Unlike many other platforms of this type, here at answeo we believe that full transparency and a simple payout system is key. This is why you won’t find any complicated point and reward systems – you know exactly how much you can earn from a survey and what your current account balance is. Oh, and did we mention that our payout threshold starts at $5? With us you can enjoy your earnings without having to worry about hitting the impossibly high payout thresholds set by other sites.

But that’s not all. We also want our respondents to feel their time is valued. This is why answeo features several functionalities created especially to make your experience even better.  Every survey on our platform contains information on the average time it takes to complete it – Average Response Duration. This provides a reliable estimate of how long it will take you to respond to the survey so you can plan ahead. What is more, after every completed response you have the option to rate and/or comment on the survey. That way you can let other respondents know which surveys are worth it and help us promote a high survey quality on our website! 

If all of this sounds good to you then head over to answeo and see for yourself how pleasant and simple earning some additional money can be!

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See you at answeo!