Answeo is a modern CAWI panel, perfect for anyone who wants to carry out their own survey research. The numerous functionalities and features created specifically with the needs of different types of researchers in mind make it an attractive solution for everyone – from large research companies to individual researchers and university students. Thanks to our survey exchange feature (about which you’ll be able to read more in our upcoming article), anyone can carry out their own research – regardless of their budget!

Why Should You Choose Us?

Thanks to an intuitive interface, simple integration, and useful functionalities, carrying out research with us becomes a purely pleasurable experience. It doesn’t matter where you created your survey – all you need to do to add it to answeo is paste in the link and give it a title that will be displayed to respondents. Additionally you can also:

  • Divide respondents into randomized groups. All you need to do is add several links to different versions of the same survey as part of one project and we will randomly assign respondents to one of the versions of your survey.
  • Determine the demographic traits of your respondents. You can choose the sex, age, language, and country of residence of your respondents and we will let you know how many respondents matching the criteria of your survey are registered in answeo.
  • Add qualifying questions. If you want to specify who can answer your survey even further, you may also add screen-out qualifying questions to your survey and choose which answers will qualify or disqualify respondents. These questions will be displayed to potential respondents before they can proceed to the survey and will ensure that you collect responses only from those respondents, for whom your survey is meant.
  • Carry out surveys without limits. Answeo is continuously growing to ensure presence in more and more countries – this way you can carry out your research without limits!
  • Minimise the formalities. All you need to do to start carrying out research is make an online payment and add a link to your survey – we and our respondents will take care of the rest.

Our Respondents

Although we only just started out, thanks to an ongoing marketing campaign our panel already has over 10,000 respondents – and this number grows every day! Where do we find out respondents? Answeo recruits its users through multiple channels – the key ones among them being:

  • Advertising directed at respondents on online survey websites
  • Ads in browsers and on social media
  • Word-of-mouth marketing on social media
  • Publishing articles about Answeo
  • Our affiliation program, which encourages users to invite their friends

How Much Will You Pay?

At Answeo every researcher individually decides how much they want to pay for a single response and how many responses they want to collect in total (this determines the total cost of survey response collection). When choosing the payment amount, it is important to keep in mind that Answeo operates like a free market – the most profitable surveys are displayed to respondents first. Moreover, if one wants to ensure that the payment they offer will be sufficiently attractive, they must also take into account additional factors, such as the average survey response time and the salary level in the country of the respondents.

In addition to the response cost, the total cost of carrying out research also includes the commission charged by Answeo, which is always displayed when adding the survey. Thanks to a fully-automated system for carrying out research, our service offers competitively low research costs. To learn more about our commission, take a look at our FAQ.

How to Get Started

Do you want to start carrying out your research more efficiently? Visit our website and discover how easy it is to begin your adventure with Answeo. If you don’t have any experience in carrying out survey research or would like to learn some useful tips about doing it in Answeo, be sure to take a look at our Guide to Survey Research. In case of any additional questions, check out our FAQ.

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See you at Answeo!