It’s much harder to work in a mess – piles of paper towering over us on the desk can significantly slow us down. The same goes for “virtual” messes. That’s why in Answeo all your surveys are automatically organised by category and you always have the ability to manage them according to your needs. This article provides a short guide that will aid you in this task. We hope that thanks to this your work in Answeo will become even more pleasurable!

Newly Added, Active and Paused Surveys

You can access all the surveys you added to your Answeo account by opening the My Surveys tab. This is where you can also view all the information about your surveys, such as as the number of questionnaires completed (Complete), ongoing (Ongoing) and rejected at the screen out level (Screen Out), the amount paid per response, the demographic settings and current rating of the survey. You can edit any survey whenever you like simply by clicking the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the survey.

To help you get your bearings, all surveys are divided by their status – unpublished surveys can be found in the Newly Added Surveys section, published surveys reside in the Active Surveys section and finally surveys which have been paused (for instance as a result of errors) are at the very bottom of the page in the Paused Surveys section.

The My Surveys tab.

Changing the Status of a Survey

After clicking the Publish button, the survey publishing page will appear. If you then click the button confirming you added a confirmation link to your surveys questionnaire, that survey will immediately be published and moved to the Active Surveys section.

Surveys already placed in that section can at any time be paused, all you need to do is click the Pause button (its color is dependent on your account funds – an orange button means our funds were insufficient).

Similarly, paused surveys can be moved to the Active Surveys section by simply clicking the Resume button – this action will make them visible to respondents again (provided we have sufficient funds on our account).

Deleting and Archiving Surveys

Deleting a survey.

All surveys can be deleted at any time, regardless of their status. In order to delete a survey you must click the Delete button visible under its title and confirm your decision. Keep in mind that deletion is irreversible in Answeo and you won’t be able to bring back surveys you removed.

Archiving a survey.

Answeo also offers an alternative to deleting surveys – archiving. You can archive any survey with a response history (after it has been paused). To archive a survey simply click the Archive button – it will be immediately moved to the archive.


You can bring back (and resume) any previously archived surveys. To do this access the archive by clicking the Archive button in the upper left corner of the screen and choose the Resume option on the survey you want to bring back.

Further Tips

We invite all users interested in carrying out their own survey research on our platform to read one of our previous articles, which focuses on this area. Furthermore, we also recommend taking a look at our Guide to Survey Research, which contains valuable tips for anyone just starting out with Answeo.

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See you at Answeo!