Adding a confirmation link is a crucial step on the path to publishing your own survey in Answeo As we have said before in our previous articles, confirmation links are necessary for the respondents of your questionnaire so that they can confirm participation in your survey and collect their payment. By publishing a survey with a missing (or incorrectly placed) confirmation link you run the risk of collecting incomplete responses or having your response collection paused due to issue reports submitted by respondents struggling to complete your questionnaire. It is therefore worth checking where your survey actually ends and making sure that the confirmation link will be easily found by our respondents.

In order to make our researchers’ job easier, below we compiled some examples showing how to correctly place a confirmation link on two popular survey creation platforms – Google Forms and SurveyGizmo. We hope that this short guide will help our users correctly add confirmation links in their own surveys. 

Description: The confirmation link for your survey is generated when you add it to Answeo. Before publishing your survey on the platform you must first paste the link at the end of your questionnaire. 

Confirmation Links in Google Forms

Description: Accessing survey Settings.

In order to add your confirmation link to a survey created in Google Forms, you must customize the confirmation message. To do so open your survey Settings (cog icon in the upper right corner of the screen).

Description: Survey Settings window. 

In the Presentation tab of the Settings window you have the ability to modify the default confirmation message. Paste the confirmation link you copied earlier into the text box. Click the Save button to confirm the changes. This way you can be sure that the confirmation link will be displayed only after the respondent completed their response. 

Description: The last page of our survey in Google Forms, containing an Answeo confirmation link.

Confirmation Links in SurveyGizmo

Description: Text field for a custom Thank You message in SurveyGizmo.

At the bottom of your SurveyGizmo survey you will find the Thank You Page section – this is where you need to paste your Answeo confirmation link. To edit the Thank You message simply click the Edit button or click anywhere on the text box provided. 

Description: Thank You message editor.

Once you click, the Thank You message editor window will open and you’ll be able to add your own custom Thank You message as well as the Answeo confirmation link for your survey. Don’t forget to save!

Description: The last page of our survey in SurveyGizmo, containing an Answeo confirmation link.

Further Tips

We invite all users interested in carrying out their own survey research on our platform to read one of our previous articles, which focuses on this area. Furthermore, we also recommend taking a look at our Guide to Survey Research, which contains valuable tips for anyone just starting out with Answeo.

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