Answeo offers its researchers a wide array of accessible tools which will allow them to quickly and easily narrow down and pinpoint the pool and profile of respondents for whom their survey is meant. Although some of these tools will be familiar to experienced researchers, users who are new to carrying out survey research may be unaccustomed to them. The goal of this article is to shine a light on the topic of screen-out questions, resolve any arising doubts and explain how users can take advantage of screen-out questions when adding their survey to Answeo.

What Are Screen-Out Questions?

Screen-out questions are simply questions which, depending on the answer, qualify or disqualify potential respondents from participating in the survey, They offer an additional way to specify what type of respondents you want after having determined the demographic requirements they must fulfill. Unlike demographic questions, however, here researchers have full control and freedom in creating the questions. Thanks to this they can tailor their questions to the field, topic, and needs of their research.

Types of Screen-Out Questions

Individual Answeo users have 3 types of screen-out questions available to them: single questions, multiple qualifying questions and multiple disqualifying questions. Single questions are single-choice questions which allow the respondent to access the survey only if they chose the qualifying answer. Multiple questions are multiple-choice questions – in their case, choosing at least one qualifying answer (or – in the case of disqualifying multiple questions – one disqualifying answer) grants the potential respondent access to the survey.

Adding Screen-Out Questions in Answeo

The ability to add and determine screen-out questions is available during the process of adding a new survey. After choosing the demographic traits of your respondents in the Audience tab, move on to the Screen out tab. In order to add a new screen-out question, click the Add a question button and choose the type of question you want to use. Use the available text fields to add the body of your question and the possible answers. You have full control over the construction of your questions, however remember to make sure that the respondents won’t be able to tell which answers will qualify or disqualify them. In the case of multiple questions we can also determine the minimum and maximum number of choices allowed.

The screen-out questions tab
Adding a screen-out question

Further Tips

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