Because we want to make sure that surveys shared on Answeo are of the highest quality, our respondents always have the ability to report any issues they might encounter while submitting their response. In combination with the ability to rate and leave comments on surveys, this ensures the high quality of surveys shared with our respondents. There are many possible issues which may result in a survey being reported – the main ones are issues with the functioning of the survey or its complete lack, as well as a missing confirmation link, which prevents respondents from getting paid for their response. Furthermore, there exists one additional type of issue, which is reported in cases where the survey link provided leads respondents to something other than a survey – for instance an ad.

What Happens After an Issue Has Been Reported

If you’re a researcher at Answeo, you can breathe a sigh of relief – you’ll be the first to know should any issue with your survey be reported. Answeo will automatically generate and email you a message informing you which of your surveys the report concerned as well as what the reason for it was. This will allow you to immediately react to any issues the report may have brought to light.

The moment an Answeo user reports an issue, our platform automatically pauses the survey. This means that until the issue is resolved and the survey is reactivated, it will not be displayed or accessible to respondents. This is why it is crucial to act quickly and react to any arising issues as soon as possible – this will allow us to avoid unnecessary delays and continue collecting responses.

Reporting an issue in Answeo

Someone Reported My Survey – What Now?

After receiving the email notifying us of an issue report, the first step is to open the survey itself. The further necessary steps depend on the type of issue reported (as mentioned above, information on it can be found in the email).

If the reason for the report was a missing end-link, the solution is simple. All we need to do is copy the unique end-link generated for our survey by Answeo and paste it on the last page of our survey – this will allow the respondent to use it after completing their response to confirm that they filled in our survey.

The next type of issue – “This is not a survey” – usually requires the researcher to intentionally add a link to something other than a survey (for instance to an ad). If, however, we are certain that what we added (or intended to add) was in fact a survey, it’s most likely the result of adding an incorrect access link. In order to fix this issue, all we need to do is open the editing panel for our survey in Answeo and check the access link we provided.

The last remaining issue type unfortunately doesn’t have a solution as simple as the previous two. If our report says that the survey is either missing or not working, we need to check both the survey access link and the questionnaire itself in search for errors that would prevent respondents from completing our survey.

Preventing Survey Issues

Once any reported issues have been resolved (or if our survey seems to be working smoothly so far), it is important to keep in mind several steps we can take to avoid any issues being reported in the future:

  1. Check the original questionnaire. The first step is making sure that our original survey works properly before we even add it to Answeo. This is when we need to catch any mistakes and issues with the questionnaire itself that might prevent respondents from completing it (e.g. unclear error messages).
  2. Make sure that you added the correct access link. Once we are certain that our survey works properly, the next step is checking if the access link we provided when adding it to Answeo is correct. To do this we must open the editing panel of our survey in Answeo and click the link preview icon provided next to the text field.
  3. Remember to add your unique confirmation link at the end of your questionnaire. Every time you add a new survey to Answeo, our system generates a unique confirmation link. This allows the respondent to prove that they have completed their survey response and collect their payment. Therefore, it is crucial that you add this link at the end of your survey before activating it and make sure that it will be visible to the respondent (but only answer they have answered all your questions).

Further Tips

We invite all users interested in carrying out their own survey research on our platform to read one of our previous articles, which focuses on this area. Furthermore, we also recommend taking a look at our Guide to Survey Research, which contains valuable tips for anyone just starting out with Answeo.

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